Click Me!

So you clicked, huh? Cool. While you’re here, I wanted to highlight some of my beliefs and values. 

And don’t worry. I’m not going to try and dazzle you with the latest buzzwords about being an ‘idea innovator’, ‘storytelling specialist’, or any of that jargon. 

These are simply my beliefs about work and writing.

What I Believe About Writing

Passion – Sure, some topics may seem more exciting than others. But I’ll approach each project with the fullest sense of passion. Everything is exciting if you go at it with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Everyone and everything has an interesting story waiting to be told. 

Versatility & voice – When copy calls for a conversational and casual tone, I’ll write it. When it calls for a technical and professional style, I’ll write that – and anywhere in between the two. 

Collaborative criticism – Criticism from clients or editors is always appreciated. Sure, I have feelings, but constructively criticizing my writing won’t hurt them. It’ll only move us closer to a more perfect product. 

Teamwork – I think it stems from coming from a big family (I was one of eight) but I love working in a team environment. Having spent time as a designer myself, I know when to work with designers in the content creation process – as well as know when to let them work their magic. 

Finding the human element –
I like to know who I’m writing for – whether it’s my sales team, a client, a client’s customer, or even competitors. I like to get out and talk to them. Engage them. Learn what they want, their challenges, their desires, whatever it is that I need to know to create a more compelling & inherently human story.