Who am I?

A copywriter living in central Wisconsin with over 7 years of experience crafting compelling copy and brand narratives.

I love words. And I love the art of advertising. In fact, I love it all so much – the interplay of visuals, copy, fine-tuning, and perfecting it all – that I was never really fazed when asked about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I wanted to create clever copy.

Not just copy that seeks to sell (today’s audience has a nose for B.S.). I wanted to create copy with soul. Copy that moves, motivates, inspires. You can find this at the core of every project I’ve been a part of, no matter the scope. From national television and DOOH campaigns to a single social media post, I ensure my copy has heart.

Companies I’ve worked with


I’m currently available for project-based and long-term copywriting work.

If you’re looking for someone who can brainstorm big ideas, write for a wide variety of audiences and purposes, and work as a team player, then I think we just might make a perfect team. Contact me below and let’s start putting your ideas into words.

More good words

“Jacob always had the focus to keep workflows organized, the speed to meet all deadlines, accuracy to catch errors before they became printed mistakes and a positive attitude that fostered a positive team environment.”

– Chris Foster @ Computer Systems Institute

“Jacob is a fantastic writer, pays great attention to detail, and enthusiastically takes on work of all kinds, whether it’s something he’s familiar with/has experience with or not. Definitely recommend him!

– Jessica Hope @ Parquet Development