Health, Redefined Campaign


Health, Redefined Campaign

Scope of Project

Collaborated closely with Manager of Digital Marketing to strategize paid social and search messaging

Wrote campaign summary and mission for blog

Created copy for paid social, paid search, and DOOH displays in major metro areas across the United States

Developed messaging for custom packaging and inserts for both general consumers and third-party ambassadors for unboxing and other influencer content

Project Summary

The concept behind the Health, Redefined introduced the idea that good health can always be made better, and worked to change public perceptions of what good health is by showing how Thorne provides the necessary solutions to enrich people’s health and improve how they feel.

My responsibilities included created accompanying copy for a social and paid search campaign, along with developing the campaign tagline. I also worked on creating content for third-party ambassadors top drive participation in the campaign and spread brand awareness.