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Metabolic Health Launch Email
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My Experience

Research and write engaging blog content

Use best practices for blog titles, SEO, and social captions

Create email copy for various campaigns and audience segments

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Email is an essential means of communication for Thorne and the company’s select audiences from medical professionals, athletes, third-party vendors and distributors, and the general public.

My copy has been used in various email marketing campaigns and communications, from product launches, promotions, and just about everything else you can think of. Additionally, in my role at Thorne. I also researched and wrote various blog articles and other long-form copy for thought leadership, reader engagement, product education, and other marketing goals.

Here is a link to where my blog copy lives in Thorne’s Take 5 Daily Blog.

In collaboration with: Cheyenne Eggert, Thorne Design Manager

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Gut Health Product Email